A Chocolate Lovers' Party-Your Very Own Chocolate Festival

Salon Du Chocolate, Chocolate Lovers Festival, Euro chocolate, Chocolate Rush Performances, Garfield Park, the Festival of chocolate Ghirardelli Square, this is just some of the best chocolate festival that is celebrated around the world. And they are usually attended by hundreds of thousands of chocolate lovers like me. They flock to these shows to see and taste the fantastic creations from the world famous chocolatiers and enjoy activities that inspired chocolate.

Chocolate Lovers' Party

The joy and pleasure that you experience will be doubled when you attend this festival of joy in the company of friends who love your Tan. You will surely be crazy packed a lot of chocolate with various types and sizes. Now, you don't have to spend a lot of money to go to these festivals, why not think of Chocolate's Party at your place? You can become an expert party planner to make it happen, all you need is a little help and some flicker of sense!

Start with the Menu

Do not impose a seat, four dishes. Do like you do on a regular Sunday barbecue. Serve grilled chicken, pork, pasta, and mashed potatoes, whatever you know! Now, pieces of chicken and pork are simple magic can be made by adding chocolate-inspired sauces such as Mole, Mexico, Chile and chocolate that is important. Share them with chocolate as chocolate cake, pastries and don't forget to serve the heaps of different types of chocolate. Be sure to have much of them because you will use it in the game and other activities! You don't have to buy expensive chocolate, just take the usual, your favorite brands of gourmet chocolate-unless really fit with what you want.

If you want to serve a fondue, then prepare the match fondue like marshmallows, pretzels and fruits. Meticulous matching wine with chocolates and save the idea for a party! And the last, make a variety of drinks which can help clean up the tastes of your guests.

Stage Grandeur

Take your best sheets. If you have a chocolate designed, it's great! You can create two or three tables with them. It can also be a place where you can show your desserts can be enjoyed by fellow chocolate lovers whenever they want at the party.

Your decorating party area combines the colors of brown in your design. Arrange the sound system and make sure you have good music to fit your mood. And finally, make sure that your program is ready along with the content you need in the game or activity.

Make Chocolate Party Fun

Here's a list of things you can do in your chocolate party aside from the taste of chocolate and wine. You can select one or more of them, at least whatever is possible and can be easily done without having to spend so much.

1. Game-who can eat the Most chocolate?
2. Chocolate Painting-where you use chocolate and your hands for drawing
3. Showcase exhibitions on the history of chocolate, print photos and place them on the screen so everyone can see and learn while having fun
4. Chocó Poker-use pieces of chocolate as the chips. Your guests can take home whatever chocolate they can win.
5. Bake-off Challenge-who can make the best Chocolate Chip Cookies?
6. Special cooking demonstrations-learn new recipes and share with friends

It's very simple, right? You do not need to wait for a special occasion to have a party chocolate! Being a lover of chocolate is reason enough. But if you want to make a birthday, Thanksgiving, reunion or gather together fancier, let the chocolate lover in you out and let your loved ones experience the party who originally made for gods and Kings!
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