3 Popular Mind-Enhancing Facebook Games

Facebook games have become the avenue of most people to break free from the strenuous jobs they have to face daily whether in the office, at home, and even when doing nothing. Breaks are necessary, to clear mind and be prepared for the next challenges one has to face for the rest of the day or night. It is a good thing that Facebook has all these kinds of games that can help users to achieve stress relief, physically and mentally.

The best thing about Facebook games is that they are not the crap games online. With a diverse range of social networking websites has to offer, you can find it very entertaining and make you alert and more not far from entertainment without a thought.

Most of the games provided by this site require your brain exercises to beat the high score, while others require the expertise of a good analysis so that it remains in compliance with the terms of the game play.

Games that are primarily used to train and retrain your mental capabilities, such as intelligence, reaction time, and the memory of you, are some of the most popular because of the characteristics of this clear, they provide a lot of fun for the players. Three of the popular mind games are as follows:

Who has the Biggest Brain?

Who has the Biggest Brain

This is one game Facebook which assess how the smart player is or how clever of him to a particular field. In this game, there are several aspects that test your knowledge-the introduction of spatial, booking number and mathematics are just some levels you have to face.

In every area, it is necessary to combine the truth and speed, so it can get the highest score. This is a good way to challenge friends also by referring them to see if they are smarter than you or vice versa. At the end of the game, the game "Who Has the Biggest Brain" it lets you know the aspect of learning which one gets the highest value or type that you like best.

Geo Challenge

"Geo Challenge" is similar to "Who Has the Biggest Brains" accept only includes one in terms of learning skills for handling-your ability to match the markers of geographic everything possible. For example, the first round of the present name of the country with some different flags to find the right one that suits it; the second level indicates the shape of the country by the name of different countries to choose the right; and so on, and so on.

In this game, it's clear that you are challenged with your intelligence about geography. Not only that, because the more important is you trained with reaction time and the ability to remember.

Word Challenge

In this game, the player is equipped with six letters. The challenge for you is to think of many words that you can get from those letters. For each word you type, there is a corresponding time given at you based on how many letters you make or how long that time.

Once you came up with a six-letter word, the letters can be replaced with a new set. You finish the game once your time on the clock says you have no more to continue playing. The fun part here is you can challenge your friends to compete with you by targeting the highest score in each week, month, or better yet, an all-time high score.

Word Challenge is one of the most popular word games on Facebook and especially created to improve the players ' vocabulary. But more than this, you challenged your ability to do the right decision, whether by forming words in small or larger.

Form small words can get the points but at risk of more time. Create words that are longer, on the other hand, give high points but have the risk of time and also your needs for more time in thinking about what exactly it is.
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