Basics in Mafia Wars You Need to Know

Mafia Wars games include a wide range of purposes such as grow Your Mafia, improving your character, get a big income, maximizing your health, get a degree, and complete collections.


A wide range of benefits you can get when recruiting members of the mafia and growing the size of your group, such as:

1. It gives you the ability to buy more property and businesses.
2. It makes you able to buy things amazingly powerful.
3. It increases the chances of your cash payment from the job.
4. You will have people to trade so that you can quickly complete your collection.
5. Flood Your Top Mafia to get the bonus.
6. This makes your mafia size qualifies for open fights the Boss.
7. This increase defense and attack you in both defensively and in the fight against other mobsters.
8. It gives you a chance to meet new people with similar interests

Although you are not required to complete the maximum i.e. 501 mafia size, it is advisable to make your mafia size proportional to your level. In this way, you can get many benefits from the work you completed; open the boss fights, and have great opportunities and the ability to protect your investments from being robbed.

Leveling Your Character

Once you improve your character, you'll get access to pillage, items, and collections are better and bigger. Doing so also gives you extra skill points, making you not only more efficient but also more deadly. Depending on Your style of play and the amount of time you give for the game, level up can be simple or complex. You will get XP every time you win a fight or finish the job. Raise the level also reset of energy, health, and your stamina up to maximum current. It also rewards the player with five additional skill points.

When you level up your energy, stamina and fully recharge. It is therefore important that there is no remaining when the XP bar ends. If there is a remainder of the XP left, it will be taken to the next level. So if you have completed a job that makes you gain XP, then you will have more spills over. Most of Your XP to whatever levels it comes from doing and mastering work.

When you finish a job, you will receive a cash payment, XP, the percentage of jobs, and mastery of a particular bonus for your mafia size. Depending on the work, you can also get the collectibles and an opportunity to loot.

In addition, job mastery is very important because for each level, you will be given an extra skill points. After all the work included in the certain level controlled at level three, you will receive a special item along with a bonus. You not can go to the next level until you have completed all of the work in that category. To receive a degree, you have to master's level work. In this case, other mafia groups will see your progress.

In the early part of Mafia Wars, you need to focus to get the extra skill points by mastering the job as quickly as possible. You should also do your best to get the maximum amount of spill over XP every time you will level up. As you advance in the game, you can begin to focus on the loot and collections. And if you think your mafia in condition to fight, you can consider the level up faster by fighting with other mafia groups.
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