The Facts and the Impact of Chocolate against Humans and Animals

Over the past few decades and centuries ago, Chocolate is still a sweet and delicious snacks or delicious all around the world. However, there is still doubt that the myths surrounding Chocolate that if needed, will certainly be very terrible for my health. Well, we are not surprised to hear it but the stunning research shows that this unbearable care has many benefits the granting of health, most likely if consciously choose Chocolate.

Chocolate Facts and impacts

There are 300 substances and compounds that are known in the chocolate. The scientific group of people and other research laboratories have a lot of research is done to prove the effect and essence of each component. And here's the summary of the results. There are antibacterial agents on the one source called chocolate cocoa, these antibacterial agents against tooth decay. Theta brain waves are increased due to the smell of chocolate and the result for the brain and body to relax. There is also the presence of mild mood elevator in chocolate and we refer to it as the substance is Phenyl Ethylamine.

Increase HDL levels eat chocolate or good cholesterol because there are substances often found in olive oil; Oleic Acid. Appetite can be reduced by eating a cup of hot chocolate before eating. Life expectancy is more than a year for those who eat chocolate than not. Any form of blood clotting can be avoided by keeping the blood vessels more elastic which is maintained by a substance called flavanoid.

The level of antioxidants in the blood can be increased by eating chocolate. The level of serotonin in the brain can be enhanced through the activities of carbohydrates in chocolate so that increases the sense of alertness and well-being. Another interesting fact is that dark chocolate contains less sugar and more Cacaos than milk chocolate. This just concluded that granting more health benefits present in dark Chocolate.

Montaignac diet will allow eating dark chocolate but chocolate milk because some of the factors mentioned. This just shows that there may be content of the substance in dark chocolate that does not exist in the form of white or other Chocolate form or otherwise. Substances Black Chocolate, so more reliable for health compared with white chocolate.

There were doubts and concerns about how the body would react to the hundreds of compounds that induced into the body through eating chocolate. Following are the results of the most recent studies conducted around the world. Chocolate is not a factor in the causes of acne. There are only a small number of aphrodisiac Bromine and caffeine in cocoa and not to cause stimulation of nerves. Chocolate doesn't cause addiction. There is a neutral fat called stearic acid that never raises LDL or bad cholesterol. Chocolate never makes us “high “unless eaten in large amounts to about 25 pounds at a time.

If there is a positive Outlook, there is definitely a downside, and this is said to be proven. Headaches due to migraine are triggered by eating chocolate. There are high in calories, sugar, and saturated fat in chocolate milk.

And when it comes to pet lovers, it is said that Chocolate is considered dangerous for the animals because he has a stimulant known as Theo bromine that cannot be digested. Baking chocolate and dark chocolate is very dangerous because it contains a high concentration of Theo bromine.
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