The Mystery of a Woman's Ghost Dancing in a Discotheque

When you visit a discotheque you have to be careful. Maybe you see a beautiful woman in a shop alone. He did not want to be invited to pair up, but never harassed other visitors. When the discotheque closes, he suddenly disappears. What mysterious creature is that woman?

Spain-style discos in the city S it, always will overwhelm visitors, let alone when the eve of public holidays. Visitors from outside the city are also lining up to spend long nights at discos that.

Not only was the architect of the strange, the building that was built by displacing villages that keep many mysteries. Sometimes a five-storey building that looks right, but it's only a two-story building.

Not only is the architect strange, the building that was built by displacing the village has a variety of mysteries. Sometimes the building looks five stories, even though the building is actually only two stories high.

In addition, on certain nights many people see a strange creature, like an elephant hanging above the building. The creature is white with ivory that is metallic green.

A Disc Jockey origin city J objection referred to say never seen female demon.  "I am sure that Lady Demon who wants to rejoice together visitors discos,” said.

The same testimony was given by visitors, Ang Han Jie and Steven Chong. When talking, next to him was a beautiful woman with blonde hair. When they invited the woman to disconnect together, she just shook her head.

After the discotheque closed, he saw the beautiful woman going to drive a car. They followed from behind, but suddenly the car went into a ravine and flew up. "It doesn't make sense," Steven said. Although visitors sometimes meet beautiful ghosts, but they feel they have never felt the slightest fear.

The testimony of some residents objected to by management. According to the managers of discotheques, spirits and weird happenings that were taken by some people is just a mere hallucination. Because, most of the visitors who came to the place the average excess drinking alcohol so often cause hallucinations. It's hard to say who right opinion is. But most residents believe weirdness happens in nightclubs that.
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