The Benefits of Crystals and Gemstones

Thousands of years ago, amulets have been carried by the primitive people supposedly to ward off evils, to have good luck, and attract fortune and even love. There were different forms back then and they are carried and worn or placed in a specific area where people want to be influenced by the magical powers the amulets provide. Crystals and gemstones were one of those forms that are seen used up until now; but only that in a better and more gorgeous form.

Crystals And Gemstones

Even then, crystals and gemstones are used by the people as jewelry. In fact, the diamonds have remained their characteristics and unchanged all those years, and continuing to become the most sought after highly-valued stone due to their durability, beauty and mesmerizing effect. Up to now, people, especially the women, will do everything just to own pieces of diamonds.

But crystals and gemstones like the diamonds are more than mere crystals and stones that women and men use to adorn their looks. As mentioned a while ago, thousands of years ago, they were used for many purposes. Among them are to achieve balance in life, heal from sicknesses, and improve their luck and fortune. This tradition has been happening for as long as humans were around.

Here are the benefits that humans continue to enjoy from using crystals and gemstones:

1. Healing physical disorders associated with crystals and gemstones is not a new science to people. In fact, it has been used by the people from the primitive era. The scientific explanation points to the ability of the crystals and stones to have the electric conductivity.

The human body, and all other living things for that matter, has the special characteristic of possessing energy, which when aligned with electric conductivity of the crystals and stones produce force. The energy in the body interchanges at points and moves in circuits, and this is called the chakras. It is believed that when crystals or stones are placed on these chakras, it helps heal the organs of the body and help them perform better.

2. Crystals and gemstones are also beneficial to plants and animals. Some people believe that placing them in the pots will help the plants grow better. Likewise, they believe that placing small crystals in the drinking water of their pets will improve their condition and find them refusing to drink other normal water.

3. Crystals and gemstones are also utilized by the feng shui experts. By placing crystals and stones in some strategic areas around one's house, it is believed that positive energy flow will be accommodated and will enhance luck of the occupant. Example of this is placing huge citrine ball by any cash register in the belief that it will help draw more finances to the merchants.

4. Crystals or gemstones that are used for rings have benefits too. Astrologers associate with improving luck wherein the wearer experiences positive luck. However, a specific crystal ring must be worn by the individual according to their astrological birth chart in order to realize the goal.

For example, it is not advised to wear sapphire ring if it is not your astrological birth chart as this does not attract positive energy at all. If constantly worn, it is believed that the wearer will have positive luck flown into their life.
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