Glyconutrients Supplements Is Not Your Cup Of Tea?

Glyconutrients, the Holy Grail of medicine, recently found. Found an important role in maintaining communication between cells is functional. With the decline in mobile communications, bodily functions ranging from normal to very complex, very affected, the body's capacity to ward off disease, functioning at optimal levels, and keep cells, tissues and organs healthy proved to be very hard.

Every cell in the body needs sufficient nutritional supplies, everything, to maintain its function. Emphasis is therefore placed on the acquisition of natural resources through these glyconutrients or through health supplements.

Health supplements are starting to appear on the American market at high speed. This provides an easy source of glyconutrients and concentrated. This is very effective and, in General, it is safe as well. But a less popular alternative, offered by natural resources are equally interesting. In their natural form, the most potent and glyconutrients do not raise questions about the quality. Natural sources of nutrients include:

1. Mold and mildew
Fungi and mushrooms provide a source of glucose; galactose and mannose-rich, three of the eight glyconutrients important note can improve the communication cell to cell along with other benefits. By itself, these simple sugars can inhibit tumor growth, accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, increase the absorption of calcium, providing a good source of energy, and increase the body's ability to ward off infections viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The fungus, in particular, has a similar polysaccharide lentinan, which helps boost the immune system by stimulating white blood cells or leukocytes to devour the microorganisms that attack. Lentinan also detoxify the toxins that result from this process. These benefits include preventing the spread of tumor cells to other areas of the body, preventing infection is contracted, the body against infections among patients of traumatic wounds, improve wound healing, and improves the healing process among patients who have receive treatment of radiation. .

2. Gums and saps
Gums and sausages produced by African Acacias (Acacia gum) and sumac India (Gum ghatti) has, for several years, are known to have properties that are appropriate for the promotion of health. Recently it was discovered that these contain glyconutrients are important. Acacia gumum has Galactose (one of the eight essential carbohydrate acids) and sugar such as rhamnose, glukuronat and arabinosa. This, in particular, is known to help repair the gastrointestinal Mucosa, intestinal flora, and are important in controlling the production of triglycerides (a chemical form of fat), bifidus gut fermentation, and increased serum cholesterol.

3. Seaweed
Fucose, plant carbohydrates that affect brain development, inhibit the development and spread of the tumor, and improve communications cells, found in high amounts in the Brown seaweed Undaria pinnatifida called.

4. ASI
Human BREAST MILK is not only rich in antibodies and nutrients that support the baby while giving them protection, but it is also a good source of some of the important plant carbohydrates 8, including the fucose and galactose.

5. Aloe Vera
The leaves of the Aloe Vera are very rich in Galactose, mannose and arabinosa. With the combination of their respective properties, Aloe Vera offers a number of anti-infective properties which include anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. This works well when used externally or internally.

With the increasing prevalence of diseases, disorders, and lately, autoimmune conditions, it is only important to have a sufficient supply of food in our everyday glyconutrients, whether it comes from a natural source or nutritional supplements.
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