17 Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty

Olive oil is the fat that is extracted from the fruit of olea europaea (olive), the tree can be found in large quantities in the Mediterranean area or the Mediterranean Sea. Over the years, this olive fruit extract is indeed popular used as complementary medicines, SOAP, as well as the fuel light Mediterranean population.

17 Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty 1

In fact, the Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is known as a regular user of olive oil during his lifetime. As it turns out, indeed many benefits for beauty which can be obtained from consuming olive oil.

The benefits of olive oil for beauty include:

1. Damming dry skin

Do you have facial skin, body skin, or a dry scalp? Try to include products containing olive oil in thy beauty routines. This oil, particularly the type of extra virgin olive oil, can absorb up to the deepest layers of the skin. It’s great when used as a night cream or moisturizer daily.

The use of olive oil on a regular basis is beneficial in order to keep skin protected from foreign particles and meets the needs of the skin of the liquid. The combination of olive oil and lemon in beauty products, in addition to moisturize the skin, it can also make the skin always fresh and bright.

2. Delay skin aging

Olive oil is touted as one of the ingredients that are effective in delaying the presence of signs of aging such as wrinkles and black flecks. This is because olive oil has vitamin E and K. Both of these vitamins serve as excellent antioxidants protect the skin surface from damage or air pollution. In addition, the use of olive oil on a regular basis can also make the skin become smoother and softer.

3. Protect your skin from the Sun

If you often have activity in outer space, let alone the time during the day, you can use olive oil as a skin Protectant. In this way, avoid going to avoid the dangers of ultraviolet light.

4. Avoid skin wrinkles

As you get older, the emotional factors and daily habits affect the wrinkles on our face. This had an impact on the incidence of wrinkles on the face. Fortunately, you can avoid this by using olive oil.

5. Regenerate Skin

Do regular scrubbing by mixing olive oil with sugar. Apply every day before bed on to avoid, and rinse using warm water. If the routine is doing this, the skin will regenerate and you will look younger.

6. Treating hives

In addition to protecting the skin from the heat of the Sun, you can also use it to treat hives on the skin. As has been mentioned above, this is because olive oil contains anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Protect Face from damage

Daily activities, especially for those of you who live in big cities, greatly affect the condition of facial skin. Olive oil plays a role in protecting facial skin cells from damage, because they contain many anti-oxidants.

8. Narrowing the Facial Pores

Facial pores are too open will make the face look less attractive. If you are experiencing this, applying olive oil to the face can be the best way because these materials contain substances capable of linoleum shrink pores in your face and look closer.

9. Natural acne cures

Do you have the problem of pimples on the face? Don’t worry; the acne will slowly resolve if you use olive oil on a regular basis. This oil acts as a natural acne remedy thanks to the vitamin, anti toxins and infections, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

10. Make the face more smooth and Shining White

Make olive oil as one of the ingredients for the mask, combined with fruits that are good for the health of facial skin will make your facial skin is more delicate and smooth.

In addition to making your face smoother, olive oil also helps in giving the skin color is more white and bright. The content of polyphenols was the one who deserved to make the skin of your face become more shine.

11. Avoid Hair Branching

If you have hair that is coarse, unruly and branched, olive oil can also be the proper weapons to fight it. Skin massage your head with warm olive oil, allow to infuse for an hour, then clean with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

12. Eliminating dandruff

Do you have a problem that is very annoying dandruff? You can take advantage of olive oil by polishing and flattening it with a comb. If necessary, add lemon juice for maximum results. Rinse with clean water and shampoo.

13. Hair Stronger
Your hair often falls out and is broken? Overcome this problem with olive oil because this oil can make hair stronger to the roots. The result will be more optimal if you add egg yolks.

14. The Damming of the hair

Olive oil is the solution for those of you who have dry hair and rough. Sweep the olive oil to the hair evenly, wait 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse until completely. Which will be immediately felt?

15. Caring for damaged hair

Damaged hair may be branched and nearly experienced by each person. Moreover you often change hair styles and hair coloring. Olive oil can help make hair become well again and minimize hair branching.

16. Make Skin Redder Lips

If the skin of the lips you look darker, you can use olive oil to resolve it. The content in it will make thy lips redder and look attractive.

17. Addressing the chapped Lips

Dry lips chapped and can be overcome by applying olive oil regularly. Use olive oil as a natural lip scrub. This will make the dead skin cells to flake off, and are replaced by new ones.

From now on, don’t hesitate anymore to use olive oil in your daily life. If you guys find it difficult, olive oil can also be purchased online.