13 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stress in a Short Time

Stress is a feeling of distress which can be caused by many factors. Stress triggers a lot of shape for example, affairs work piling up, deadline in sight, and the target is not reached, arguing with friends or family.

This sometimes cannot be avoided. That you can do is control your reaction to the sense of the stress by doing fun things. Well, here are some how to relieve stress through everyday activities.

relieve stress

1. Sleep

Sleep, especially REM sleep (deep sleep to dream) is a good stress reliever. This disclosed Els Van der Helm, a doctoral candidate in psychology from UC Berkeley. According to him, a dream while sleeping is useful to minimize the causes of stress is connected to the brain. If you feel stressed, try to sleep for a moment.

2. Eat well

Good food is a quick way to be happy. If any more stress, try a short break and then the message passing fondness food delivery order. You can also buy direct food-food that is more sought after. Panacotta, spaghetti aglio olio, cheesecake, chocolate candy, oreo, egg rolls, chicken noodle or close to home.

3. Aromatherapy candles

Relieving stress can also be done by lighting aromatherapy candles. The variant of the fragrance is very diverse and can be chosen according to taste: Lavender, vanilla, jasmine, chocolate, and others. After lighting a candle for a few minutes, your body will feel more relaxed; your mind will be much calmer.

4. Warm Water Bath

Feeling tired after a day of working in the office can also be a stressor. The brain is tired, the body aches, and it doesn’t feel enthusiastic. Eliminate your lethargy by taking a warm bath at night before going to bed. You can add essential oils or Epsom salts so that the body feels better. Afterwards, drink milk then sleep quickly. Undoubtedly the feeling of stress will go far.

5. Write

Spread all the things that are in your heart and mind through writing. There are various writing mediums that can be used to repel stress: Blogs, Tumblr, personal websites, agendas / notebooks, or even through captions on social media. You don’t have to write personal problems, write about things you like, like reviewing books, films, recipes, or opinions on social issues.

6. Read the Comics

Read the comic also another quick way to eliminate stress. Now, read comics not only can be done by buying directly at the bookstore. You can also enjoy the comics from the Smartphone or e-reader such as the Kindle or Kobo. It only takes 10-15 minutes of reading matter, stress is gone.

7. Crying

Crying can also be a powerful way to get tired and late. If we hold our feelings for too long, stress will emerge. Don’t hesitate to isolate yourself for a moment then take the time to release all the words by crying. Another alternative is you can share your problem with friends. Even though it doesn’t solve the problem, at least you will feel more relieved afterwards.

8. Gentle exercise

It’s no secret that regular exercise can make a person more easily confront the stress. Yoga, tai chi, aerobics or fitness, in addition can improve posture can also make the production of endorphins in the body so much better. These endorphins are natural painkillers for the brain. Alternatively, try the sport with friends when the stress: basketball, football, or flight in the morning.

9. Creations with make-up

If you love to wear makeup, get creative with make-up is a powerful way of eliminate stress. This is because playing with face makeup could give rise to complacency.

10. Listen to Music

Listening to music can be a powerful way of relieving stress. If you want to be more serene mood, try listen to classic songs a la Chopin, Beethoven and Bach. If classical music is not your thing, you can find themed playlists stress reliever stress reliever that many aliases exist everywhere.

11. Watch a funny Video

On the internet there are hundreds even thousands of funny videos that can be watched at any time. Otherwise, just watch TV shows or your favorite variety shows such as the Tom & Jerry, Mr. Bean, the Running Man, stand-up Comedy, Saturday Night Life. Laughter’s are the best stress-reliever.

12. Worship

When it’s really busy but do not know to whom, complained to ‘ chat ‘ for a moment with God could be so tired of busting a powerful. Worship will not solve all the problems of unsustainable levels, but can help make you feel more calm and ready to deal with it.

13. Shopping

Shopping turns out to be scientifically proven as a way to relieve stress. Based on a publication survey of researchers from the University of Michigan, USA, retail therapy or shopping is 40 times more effective in driving out stress than other methods. Especially now shopping can be done online. No need to go outside the house. Just browsing, selecting and ordering, your dream item will be yours.

Actually, the first step to relieve stress is to identify the cause first. After that, just resolve it in ways that you think are the most effective. Among the 13 ways to eliminate stress above, which is the most effective for you? If you are already adept at doing these two things, dealing with all kinds of pressure will definitely become easier.