12 Benefits of Chewing Gum for Health Which Is Rarely Known

Chewing gum is a chewing gum commonly used to make bubbles. History reveals that it turns out that this type of candy has been around for around 9,000 years. People in various parts of the world make chewing gum using different ingredients, ranging from honey, resin, to the most commonly made, namely chicle (sapodilla sap of Manila).

Chewing Gum Girl

Chewing gum is known as the slovenly habits even banned in the classroom in some schools. However, do you know that the gum apparently has many benefits? Well, this time we will tell you the 12 benefits of chewing gum that you might not expect in advance.

1. Reduce stress

Chewing gum is also believed to reduce stress. Apparently chewing gum can be a substitute for the habit when nervous, such as nail biting and trembling feet when feeling stressed. This is supported by research showing that chewing gum helps reduce stress hormones, namely cortisol in many test subjects.

2. Increase the concentration

Various studies show that chewing gum improves mental performance. Cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, and reaction time, improved look when the test subject chewing gum. It is estimated that the impetus comes from the increased blood flow to the brain through chewing, with some research indicating as much as 25-40 per cent increase.

3. Making the breath More Fragrant

One of the benefits of chewing gum is to make his breath become more fragrant. In fact, the researchers found that some types of chewing gum can reduce bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath because of raw gum using plant oils.

4. Protect the teeth

Who would have thought it turned out that chewing gum can also protect the teeth. The American Dental Association recommends sugar-free chewing gum for 20 minutes after eating, as shown to reduce plaque, strengthen teeth enamel, cavities, reduce and reduce gingivitis. The reason is related to the increased flow of saliva, which reduces the acid on the gear you that causes decay.

5. Relieve Ear Pain while flying

Experience ear pain due to air pressure change on take-off and landing in flight is certainly no fun. It has been long known that there are a number of ways to stop you ears in order not to explode, including yawning and pinching the nose blowing.

But there the easiest way is by the help of chewing gum. Chewing gum helps produce more saliva so you can swallow more, which can help to equalize the pressure in your ears.

6. Help quit smoking

Many smokers who want to quit smoking but have always failed. By utilizing the gum may be smokers who want to quit smoking can be helped. This is because the chewing gum can also help reduce the desire to smoke.

7. Increase Vigilance

In addition to concentration, a lot of research has also shown that chewing gum can improve alertness. Chewing motion of the jaw is thought to stimulate the nerves and brain and increase blood flow. It can help people feel more awake or stay alert longer.

8. Improve memory

In addition to being able to add the power of concentration and alertness, gum chewing is also apparently able to improve memory. Chew gum will make the flow of oxygen to the brain be increased, so that it can help improve memory.

9. The benefits of chewing gum for stomach acid

If you feel nauseous when on a trip by car or plane, try to chew gum. Chewing gum may help more saliva production, so that it can help relieve irritation of the gastric acid. Chewing gum is also perfect for those of you who suffer from gastritis.

10. Help lose weight

Chewing gum, sugar free, especially as it is one of the low calorie snacks. In addition, with gum chewing, wants you to eat becomes more diminished. In this way, the activity will diminish and you snacking weight you can stay ideal.

11. Fix the Bad Mood

If the mood you’re no good try chewing gum. Chewing gum could be the solution for those of you who are going through a bad mood. Bubble gum is capable of lowering the trigger stress hormone levels, so that you will be happier.

12. Make the face Glow

Besides being beneficial to the health of body and mind, it turns out that chewing gum can also be instrumental to beauty. Chew bubble gum can make you face more radiant and fresh look naturally. The activity of chewing gum is just like the facial gymnastics, making blood flow on the face become more fluent.

Those are some of the benefits of chewing gum that you may not know about. Surely, to feel the benefits of the gum above, you should use sugar-free gum. If you chew gum that contains lots of sugar too often, it will damage your teeth.