11 Benefits of Cold Water Bath That May Not Know

Which hot or cold water do you usually use for bathing? Many people tend to bathe in hot water in the morning and evening because they do not want to shiver with cold. Especially if the air outside is also not friendly. But apparently, taking a cold shower in the morning is more beneficial for you. You have to start changing habits because cold shower has many benefits including:

Cold Water Bath

1. Reduce the sense of Stress

The time of stress, a lot of women are more comfortable hot bath with an excuse to make the body comfortably and relax. In fact, the cold water bath even more potent relieves stress due to the cold water bath can increase oxygen supply to the brain. Oxygen it will make your head feels clear and eliminate the burden of mind.

2. Launch the blood circulation

Cold water bath is also helpful to launch the blood circulation. When the circulation of blood is good, the body also does not easily affected by various diseases such as hypertension, hardening of the arteries, varicose veins, and others.

3. Restore Muscle Aches/rheumatic pain

Already regular sports but the agency feels Achy a few days later, relieve muscle pain immediately with cold water bath. This is because one of the benefits of cold showers is to do regenerate so the pain, tired, or weariness gone in no time.

4. Add the spirit

It cannot be denied that the sensation of a cold shower can make the body feels refreshed and can expel the drowsiness. It is said that in the days of yore, the samurai always bathed with cold water. Cold water is allegedly as a marker of purification which can make their bodies are always uplifting, healthy, and strong in the fight.

5. Increase the body’s Resistance

According to a study of Thrombosis Research Institute of the United Kingdom, the white blood cells of people who routinely take a bath of cold water in the morning works better against disease and keep durability body than people who are accustomed to a hot bath.

6. Care for the skin

Bathroom with cold water will keep the skin conditions remain healthy. Cold water can make the pores shrinking or tightening, so dirt does not easily entered or penetrated the skin. Meanwhile, the hot water is precisely the risk of making the skin dry and chewy.

7. Keep hair health

A bath of cold water is also beneficial for maintaining healthy hair. Cold water is able to close the cuticle of the hair so that it looks more luminous, also prevent dirt buildup on the scalp. Cold showers also will not erode the moisture to the scalp like hot water.

According to the study, when exposed to cold water, the body will attempt to warm him through the system metabolism. This metabolism activates the immune system of the body to release more white blood cells.

8. Lose weight

It turns out that cold showers are also beneficial for weight loss. This is because cold temperatures can help erode Brown fat on the body. This Brown fat function generates a sense of heat and warms the body, and he would be reduced by it when our body often exposed to cold air.

9. Add the hormone Testosterone

Have you noticed that many athletes sporting a bath of cold water before a match? This is because the cold water bath is also helpful for increasing testosterone in the male body. Testosterone is a hormone that can create energy and strength your body increases dramatically.

10. Increase fertility

Cold shower is also able to increase male sperm count. According to a study in 1950, men who routinely bathed hot water for three consecutive weeks tended to be infertile for the next 6 months. Meanwhile, cold showers actually proved to increase sperm output by up to 491%.

11. Fix the Panda Eyes

Panda eyes or dark circles under the eyes are definitely annoying really. Dark circles are usually appears after you staying up late into the night or do heavy work. To solve it, try a bath with cold water. One of the benefits of cold water is correct the skin tissue, until any panda eyes more easily eliminated.

Eleven benefits of cold water of yesteryear is evidence of why you should start getting used to cold water for bathing. Though not convenient and can make the body shivering, cold shower in the morning more profitable than warm water. A warm bath is indeed convenient, but should do it at night only, and should only be done in frequency that is not too often.