10 Things That Make Your Diet Program Always Not Successful

Everyone especially women, certainly dreamed to have an ideal body shape and proportioned. To get an ideal body shape, many women decide to undergo a diet program.

10 Things That Make Your Diet Program Always Not Successful 1

But not all women get the maximum results from a diet program they went through it, because there are still certain customs they do precisely can thwart their diet program.

The following 10 things that often become a factor in the cause of a failed diet program performed by women:

1. Diets too strict

If you are already accustomed to eating fatty and sugary foods, but all of a sudden you have to change your eating patterns you suddenly, you body will be difficult to adapt.

Consequently you will not be able to last a long time undergoing diet program. Occasionally you may indulge you with food favorites you, just do not overdo it. A good diet is a diet that is done slowly and regularly, but provides maximum results.

2. The wrong dietary Patterns

A successful diet pattern was done by one person, not necessarily to be successful when applied by others. This is because the success of the diet is also affected by diet pattern match is done to condition the body of people who lived through it.

Therefore, before undergoing a certain diet program, you should find out what kind of diet is suitable for body condition. Read more about the blood type diet here.

3. Focus just on a diet

Most people tend to focus to do food diet alone, without regard to other factors that are not equally important in weight loss.

To obtain the ideal body shape, certainly not the only diet that you should do. However you can also accomplish this by doing exercise and sleep on a regular basis.

4. Go on a diet because of the trends

If you tried the diet bandwagon just because your friends, then do not hope you live a diet that would work. To get maximum results, you must know the first motivation you before deciding to do a diet program.

You can write down the motivation-motivation you scrap paper and stick it on the wall of the room. Thus, if at any time you feel hopeless and want to stop dieting, you can see the back of these writings and no doubt you will feel motivated again.

5. Skip the breakfast

Some studies have shown that people who skip breakfast, their weight tends to increase easily. The reason is, people who skip breakfast tend to eat more lunch than people who have breakfast. In addition, people who skip breakfast tend to choose a lunch menu that has very high levels of fat and calories.

6. Vent the emotions by eating

Do you include people who like to vent feelings of upset, anger or stress by overeating? If Yes, you have to start stopping the habit by way of diverting the mind you to another when such feelings come. You can also tell the pique you closest to people, such as parents, families, and friends of you.

7. Lack of sleep

Sleeping less than 8 hours a day will cause the production of the hormone cortisol to increase. This increase in hormones will encourage an increase in appetite, which in turn will actually increase your weight.

In addition, the lack of sleep will also make the body’s metabolism declines. With low metabolism, the body’s ability to burn calories will also decrease.

8. Lack of exercise

The sport became one of the factors that are no less important in determining the success of the diet. A strict diet without balanced with regular physical exercise will not bring changes in body shape.

Therefore, we recommend that you do the exercise routine every day. No need to do heavy exercise, simply perform gentle exercise such as jogging, cycling, gymnastics or yoga for 30 minutes each day. You can also use tools sports that can burn fat and excess calories are there in the body.

9. Do not routinely monitor the weight

To find out if the diet you’re doing take effect in weight loss, you should monitor your weight you regularly. If you don’t do this, you will never know if a diet that you live a good fit or not for you to do. Preferably, always monitor you weight loss each week and note any decrease in that case.

10. Environment does not support

Being in an environment that does not support you to do diet programs tend to be able to make you easier to despair and cease to do so. The support of those closest to you as parents, family and friends is very important in supporting the success of the diet.

If the nearest person does not support, you should explain the motivation for dieting and you try to convince them that you do this diet program for body health.