10 Interesting Facts about YouTube You May Not Know

Who today does not know YouTube? For those of you who can not be separated every day from the gadget or Smartphone of course also familiar with social media sharing the most popular video in the world. A wide variety of information from real to hoax is available on YouTube.

YouTube is arguably the ultimate reference for entertainment and tutorials. Related tutorials, explanations are arranged in the form of video more easily understood than just plain writing. That’s why YouTube is very popular community.

While you often use YouTube, you may not know about YouTube in depth. Though there are many interesting facts about YouTube you should know. In fact, most of these facts are not widely known.

1. Established by Three Former PayPal Employees

founder of youtube

Did you know if YouTube was founded by an ex-PayPal employee? In 2004, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim decided to get out of PayPal to make a new breakthrough.

They created a dating site called “Tune in, Hookup” that can get someone to show their homemade videos and share with others. Then others can decide whether to stay in contact with the video uploader.

Unfortunately their concept is less interesting people at that time. But then, all three make a reshuffle from the original concept. Until on February 14, 2005 “Tune In Hook Up” officially changed to “YouTube” and was born a new phenomenon of the internet world.

2. First Video Uploaded

10 Interesting Facts about YouTube You May Not Know 1

An important moment for YouTube occurred on April 23, 2005. For the first time in history, the first video was uploaded and publicly viewable via YouTube. This 19-second video titled “Me at The Zoo” tells the story of Jawed Karim, the inventor of you Tube, who stood in front of the Elephant cage in a zoo.

For the record, to this video is still sought by many people on YouTube. This video has reached more than 40 million viewers and 1 million likes. Five months later in September 2005, Nike’s corporate promotional video showing the skill of Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho doing the juggling of the ball became the first YouTube video seen millions of times. Since then, You Tube has grown and started making money.

3. Purchased Google worth 1.65 Billion US Dollars

YouTube’s popularity makes many investors glance. YouTube is rated as a new platform capable of earning money. One who is interested is the internet giant, Google. On October 9, 2006, Google bought YouTube for 1.6 billion US dollars. Google considers this purchase a “step toward the evolution of the internet”.

This interesting fact about YouTube shows that this video sharing media is highly valuable. In 2007, You Tube created the YouTube Partner program. This program offers the company’s provider to work together and benefit from YouTube’s popularity.

4. Google Adds Ads

In the same year, Google decided to add ads within YouTube content. While many are troubled by this change, Google’s decision to share profits through advertising with providers opens up new insights into the quality and originality of the content.

This is part of an effort to keep YouTube viewers. In fact, in the years to come YouTube’s audience has increased to become a trend to date.

5. Gangnam Style Breaks 2 Billion View Records

10 Interesting Facts about YouTube You May Not Know 2

YouTube should be thankful to Psy. Thanks to this South Korean artist, the YouTube name is becoming more global. Gangnam Style clip video uploaded about six years ago not only makes the name Psy worldwide, but also carves a golden record on YouTube.

Psy drew the attention of the world with dancing styles such as horseback riding with a tuxedo coat and sunglasses. With the video, Psy earned 2 billion views in less than two years from upload. Thanks to Gangnam Style video, YouTube can also celebrate their first 1 billion views in history.

6. Over 1.5 Billion Active Users per Month

One interesting fact about YouTube that can not be ignored is the number of active users (logged in YouTube) as of June 2017. In the data YouTube mentioned has 1.5 billion active users each month. So it can be said that YouTube has the most fans in the video category on the internet.

Of all the social media that exist today, YouTube occupies the second position, which means under Facebook that has 2 billion active users per month. But it is still above Instagram with 700 million active users per month. Of the 1.5 billion totals, male fans are male dominated by 62% with age range 25-44. While women who love YouTube the percentage is only 38%.

7. Over 500 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute

With the number of active users 1.5 billion per month, no wonder if in a matter of one minute there are 500 hours of video uploaded. Generally the shortest video is only a movie trailer with duration of 1 minute 47 seconds and the longest video in the form of full movie duration 1 hour 33 minutes 33 seconds.

The rest is divided into categories of videos under 10 minutes, which are videos of science and technology (3 minutes 24 seconds), pets and wild animals (4 minutes 47 seconds), comedy (5 minutes 18 seconds), vehicles and autos 6 minutes 32 seconds), music (6 minutes 38 seconds), sports (7 minutes 10 seconds), lifestyle and tips (7 minutes 22 seconds).

8. 1 Billion YouTube Watches Watch Every Day

Active YouTube users are still losing when compared to Facebook. But YouTube is most watched with total duration reaching 1 billion hours per day. While Facebook users only spend about 35 minutes per day.

When Instagram users spend their time viewing uploaded photos for just 15 minutes per day, YouTube users can spend 40 minutes each day just watching videos or listening to their favorite music.

The most uploaded content to YouTube is about People and Blogs that charge about 40%. Uniquely, the music videos are believed to be the most sought after content and raising the name of YouTube, it only fills 5% of the overall content uploaded.

9. Most Wanted Music Videos

No doubt music videos are an interesting fact about YouTube. In 2017, music content is most sought after by YouTube users, with an achievement of 789 million search volumes. After music, the next content searched for is a song with 453 million search volumes.

The next position in a row is the content of the game that is booming Mine Craft (83.4 million), Movies (34 million), Funny Scary Prank (23 million), children’s videos (22.2 million), and a little interested is Funny Prank Video (11.7 million).

10. 5 Celebrities with the Most Subscribers

10 Interesting Facts about YouTube You May Not Know 3

No doubt many celebrities can skyrocket YouTube thanks. Popular celebrities on YouTube also indirectly contribute to the number of YouTube viewers. Top 5 most popular rankings are all achieved by singers.

Data up to March 21, 2018, the first position of celebrities is occupied by renowned pop singer Justin Bieber with a total of 34,524,962 subscribers. All the news about the singer became the most sought after by his fans on You Tube.

The second celebrity is Katy Perry with 26,817,604 subscribers. Then Taylor Swift earned 28,123,669 subscribers, Rihanna: 26,722,684 subscribers and Shakira: 19,636,100 subscribers.

These are some interesting facts about YouTube that may not be known, including by you. YouTube is a source of entertainment; it also now can appear as a source of income. Even the income figures make people tempted.