10 Habits You Can’t Do Before Sleep

After a day full of activity and tired because of the activities as well as the bustle, everyone certainly need enough rest at night. Activities that definitely and should be done every one is sleeping.

10 Habits You Can't Do Before Sleep 1

Sleep is a very important activity that is capable to improve mood, health and energy you will you get on the next day. Lest you lack energy when the morning when you lack sleep.

Bed time is the time which is very important as it can help to save energy, repair damaged cells and a life cycle that has certainly done everyone when the energy in your body has begun to wane. With sleep, every individual can be free from all thoughts that weight and expected to wake up the next day with a new spirit and fresh mind.

But in fact, a lot of people often do habits that shouldn’t be done before sleep. Most of the habits that will be discussed are habits that you often do and are hard to get rid of, even though many say that these habits are not good for your health. These habits include:

1. Eat Fatty and spicy food

Sleep in a State of full or stuffed belly it is not recommended, should you eat 4 hours before you go to bed. In addition, growth hormones will also work during nighttime when sleeping.

This growth hormone will arise after 30 minutes you fall asleep, if eating habits before going to sleep it continues, growth hormone did not come out so that no process of fat breakdown.

Instead, there are foods that will be covered in fat. If you are hungry before bedtime, drink milk is a very precise answer to resolve it.

2. Too much to drink

Why shouldn’t drink too much before sleep? This is because too much drink before bed will interfere with the activity of the sleep you, such as waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.

Usually after going to the toilet, then after that you go to the gadgets, social media, and the check expire so lack of sleep also. Drink coffee and alcohol before bedtime also isn’t very good because it is precisely these drinks will make your eyes awake all night.

3. Bath

If you like take a shower at night? For you who doesn’t put up with cold water, would usually choose for bathe with warm water at night to avoid the State of chills while bathing.

In fact, bathing at night with warm water is not good, because before sleep, you have to keep your body temperature cool and not too hot. Ordinary when you are very sleepy, then you decide to take a shower, even after taking a shower, you will be refreshed and sleepy.

4. Play Gadgets

Many people often do the habits of this one before bed. Why this custom should not do before going to bed? According to the facts and data, the exact sleep time and ideal for everyone is for 8 hours per day.

Well, when you play gadgets before bedtime, you’ll be too cool with gadgets you and forgot the time. It makes your sleeping hours reduced. For you who often play gadget when things are dark isn’t very good, because the light is generated from a gadget will make you unhealthy and eyes can be damaged.

5. Eat sugary foods

The desire to eat something indeed occasionally comes up unexpectedly. But not all that good food is consumed before going to bed, sweet foods are examples of foods that should be avoided and not eaten before bed. Sugary foods such as chocolate and ice cream is not good for health if the feeding before bed.

6. Drink the wrong Drugs

For you who take medication on a regular basis from day to day, you definitely feel and experience the disorder when sleeping. This is because there are many drugs that are not good are consumed before going to bed in ten consecutive. Sleep disorders that often occurs is when waking up after taking the drug, and others feel sick in the stomach when you consume the medicine before going to bed at regular intervals.

7. Smoke

For those of you who can’t escape smoking, reduce smoking before going to bed. Smoking as usual is not good for health, especially smoking before going to bed, even though sleep is an activity where the organs in your body work optimally. Nicotine in cigarettes can also make it difficult for you to sleep and instead become insomnia.

8. Sports is too Exaggerated

In addition to sleep, it is also the sports activities that required every individual so that the body remains healthy and fit. Although it is required and should be done, but the sport is done above 9 or do before sleeping is an activity that is not good.

But the fact that an awful lot of people who do sports activities before bed, and sports activities should be made 2 hours before bed. When exercising, heartbeat will be beating faster. If you sleep in a State of very fast heartbeat, is not very good.

You have to wait the normal heartbeat back again, and then you may go to sleep. If you directly to sleep after the sport, then it were feared throughout the night you won’t be able to sleep soundly even nightmares.

9. Too Cool with It

Watching movies or reading novels that are very exciting can make you too cool with them. Too cool with movies being watched, fun to read novels or comics, or even playing video games that are super exciting can disturb your sleep activities.

Again if you are too cool with this, your sleep hours will change and not optimal again or less than 8 hours. So try to avoid habits that you think are too cool until you forget the time.

10. Concerning Something with a Partner

Never fuss about something with a partner before going to bed, because when you fight with a partner, it will make your mind stress and dizziness. There have also been many experts who say that “stressful states before sleep can cause insomnia”.

Therefore, never make a fuss about something with a partner or with someone because these stress conditions make us think constantly until it is difficult to sleep.

If you have a problem, don’t ever sleep before the problem is resolved. First solve the problem you have with someone and talk carefully before sleep. So again, too serious a conversation is not a good idea to do before sleep.

That’s the habits you should avoid before sleep. Try not to do the above habits, although it is difficult. But it’s all for the sake of the health of the body. Start with the habits that you think is easiest to be eliminated little by little.