10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber

Being a YouTuber certainly never existed in the minds of many people in the world 10 years ago. However, now YouTuber is promising many things. Not only money is abundant, but also celebrity fame.

Of course, that applies to those who have achieved success as YouTuber. Well, to be a successful YouTuber you must understand how to edit and process video recording.

Why? In order to make your video work well liked by many people so that the number of view, subscriber, and income increases.

The good news, there are a number of Android video editing apps that are suitable for the budding YouTuber. Thus, you can learn easily without experiencing confusion or spend a lot of money to buy video editing equipment on a PC or laptop.

What are the applications? Here are 10 Android video editing apps that you can try now.

1. Adobe Premier Clip


Adobe’s name would have been widely known as a reliable computer programmer. For Adobe Premier Clip are not as good as desktop versions. But at least it is sufficient to edit the video of your work.

The features provided are complete enough from start combining multiple photos to video to add effects and music to add your interesting videos.

To be able to use this app, you must register at Adobe ID. Once registered, you can sync with Adobe Premiere Pro if by chance it takes a more professional touch. In this app you can also see results from fellow video users to use as reference material.

2. VivaVideo

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 1

The next Android video edit app is VivaVideo. This app combines video cameras and video editing simultaneously. So you can edit an existing video or create a new video and then process it more beautifully.

For video camera features capture modes. The options include basic, selfie, slow motion, fast motion, music video, collage, and FX. For video editing feature provided photo slideshow maker to video collage maker.

Apps created by QuVideo Inc. it has over 200 special effects and is added with interesting stickers, filters, text and transitions. Unfortunately, this app will always include a watermark on every video you’ve edited.

3. FilmoraGo

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 2

This one-on-one video editing app is easy to use for beginner YouTubers. You simply select a video from your Android phone then take it to the editing screen. There are many interesting effects and transitions in this app.

One of the hallmarks of FilmoraGo is the feature picture in picture. This feature lets you add photos or videos in the main video. So the resulting video can be richer with variations.

Interestingly, applications that have been downloaded more than 10 million users do not install a watermark in every video we edit. In addition, there is also no limit on the duration of the video. So, you can freely upload your homemade videos on YouTube.

4. KineMaster

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 3

Features of the KineMaster application include complete. You can freely add images, text, video, to add filters and other effects. Storyboard in this application including sophisticated but the use is still simple.

Manufactured by NexStreaming Corp, KineMaster is suitable for beginners to professional level. Especially because it already uses a drag and drop system that allows you to import the required files.

This application provides many themes, effects, to the support of interesting music. However, to maximize the use of features in this app, we recommend that your Android phone already uses the latest version, at least Android 4.1.2 Jellybean.

5. Videoshop

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 4

An interesting Android video editing application is capable of giving a personal impression of every edited video. If that’s what you need, you can try the Videoshop app.

This app can add preferred songs from the memory card inside the phone. In addition, it also comes with a unique sound effects feature. Like the sound of animals, people laugh, even the sound of farting.

Do not forget to use slow motion and fast motion feature in this application. So the video you edit will attract more attention and increase the number of subscriber.

6. VidTrim

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 5

This Goseet-made app provides a variety of features that are slightly different from typical video editing apps. VidTrim features video trimming, video conversion, frame grabbing, and a host of other interesting features you should try.

VidTrim is one of the right choices for you who often upload videos through social media, especially YouTube. There is a transcoder facility that can help you change the video resolution in accordance with what you want or need.

When the video is ready to go live, you can simply press the button to upload your work to YouTube or other social media easily and practically.

7. AndroVid

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 6

Equipped with a number of powerful features, AndroVid can also be your mainstay who was pioneering career as YouTuber. Advanced features such as trimming, splitting, merging, to transcoding you can get in this application.

It’s all helpful to produce cool videos to upload on YouTube. Also read: 12 Interesting Facts about YouTube You May Not Know.

Not only that, AndroVid also provides facilities to add text, songs, to effects that will definitely make your video more interesting. The amount of effects provided quite a lot ranging from fade in, swapping, to slow motion.

You just use all the features available as needed. Feel free to do various experiments. Thus, you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of any effects provided by this application.

8. Quick

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 7

As the name implies, quick is an Android video editing application that is very simple and without complicated. Just select the video you want to edit, the rest let Quick finish it.

To insert a transition or a beautiful effect, you only take a few seconds. You can even add dozens of photos and videos then Quick will automatically turn it into a short video.

Apps that have been downloaded more than 10 million people are also still providing an opportunity for you to add sweetener in the video. Like adding music, text, and more than 20 filters you can try to make videos more interesting.

9. Magisto

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 8

There’s one more video editing app that suits the beginner YouTuber. Magisto is very easy to use and will not take long to complete.

Just select a video or photo, specify supporting music and text, and voila, your video is ready to go.

Although simple, Magisto still has many interesting features. Call it the face recognition system, transitions, automatic video stabilization, and a number of other interesting features.

Once done, you do not need to be complicated to upload it to social media. You can quickly share videos to various social media easily and quickly.

10. Glitch

10 Free Android Video Editing Apps for Beginner YouTuber 9

Finally, there is Glitch as a video editing app that can be tried through your Android phone. Remember, use your own Android phone do not belong to someone yes.

A number of unique effects that Glitch provides you should try. The effects provided are largely an effect that is currently popular. Among them are effects such as damaged television.

One thing that is not less important is there is no watermark in this application. So you will be freer to share videos through various social media including YouTube.

The ten Android editing apps above are just a few of the many similar apps available on Google Play. There are still many other applications you can use to support the effort to become a famous YouTuber.

However, you’ll want to get started from simple and easy features. Like the 10 apps we’ve outlined above. Once you understand the raw features that exist in the video app, may start looking for apps that are pro-level.