10 Fastest Cars in World

A number of cars produced today not only serve to carry passengers from one place to another. There are also cars manufactured specifically for those who like speed.

The price of this high-speed sports car is also very expensive. Even some are produced very limited, so it becomes a rare vehicle that only a few people in the world.

Therefore, the fastest car in the world today is not much circulating in the market. They are made specifically to be the fastest. The machine used is also the best choice.

These sports car brands may be for some people feel less familiar. However, they are cars that have a speed of nearly half the speed of sound. Here’s the list.

1. Hennessey Venom GT (434.5 km / h)

Fastest Cars

This is the fastest car in the world today. Official recorded speed during testing reached 434.5 km / h.

You could say Hennessey Venom GT is a personal assembly car, not an official production of the manufacturer. Designed and built by John Hennessey, an owner of an automotive boutique located in Sealy, Texas, United States.

This car is composed of 29 components. Among them using Lotus Exige body, Corvette Z06 engine is jacked up with two turbochargers.

On February 14, 2014, the maximum speed test of this car was done on the NASA space shuttle’s platform. From the target speed of 435.3 km / h, Hennessey Venom GT finally only reaches 434.5 km / hour.

But this is enough to get rid of the previous record owned by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

2. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (431.3 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 1

Actually, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport had a speed record in 2005. But at that time, the speed was not recorded officially in the Guinness book.

Efforts to achieve speed record were re-done in 2010. This time was attended directly by representatives of Guinness. Its recorded speed at that time reached 431.3 km / h.

However, later inspectors from Guinness found this car had been modified to remove the speed limit device. So the Bugatti speed record was once taken back, until finally Guinness said the tool did not affect the ability of Bugatti to reach maximum speed and restore their speed record.

3. Koenigsegg Agera R (418.4 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 2

To achieve the target top speed, Koenigsegg Agera R is equipped with 5000 cc engine and twin turbo V-8. On paper, top speed that can be achieved this Swedish car manufacturer can reach 439.4 km / hour.

In fact, when tested the maximum speed obtained is 418.4 km / hour. Although the power of this car engine lost to its competitors, the light weight is very helpful to reach top speed.

Koenigsegg even able to increase the speed record up to 4 times between 2003 and 2011. One of the advantages of this car is able to brake from a speed of 300 km / h to stop in 21.9 seconds.

Beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s record of doing the same in 25.3 seconds.

4. SSC Ultimate Aero (413.6 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 3

The fastest car in the world ranked 4th may be less familiar with the ears of automotive enthusiasts. This North American SSC design car uses Shelby Supercars engine with Supercharged V-8 support from Chevrolet.

SSC Ultimate Aero also set a speed record in 2007 using NASA facilities to perform some tests until finally in October 2007; the speed of SSC Ultimate Aero is able to get rid of Bugatti Veyron speed record.

One of the advantages of this car is in the acceleration. To reach the speed of 0 to 96.6 km / h only takes 2.7 seconds!

5. Porsche 9ff GT9-R (413.6 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 4

The 9ff GT9-R series is really made very limited by Porsche. So the amount in no more than 20 pieces. So the German manufacturer is not too concerned with the maximum speed that can be obtained their production car.

However, with a reconfigured Porsche 911 engine with a capacity of 4,000 cc 6 cylinder engines capable of generating power up to 1120 dk. The ability to make the Porsche 9ff GT9-R is the first legal car capable of reaching top speed above 400 km / hour.

6. Koenigsegg CCR (403.5 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 5

Koenigsegg produces the CCR series with a very limited number. There are only 14 units worldwide, making this car one of the rarest high-speed cars in the world.

Koenigsegg called CCR capable of penetrating speed 403.5 km / hour. However, this record can not enter the Guinness record basket. The reason, there are rules that say if the number of cars produced at least 30 units to make it as a mass production car.

In 2006 Koenigsegg released a slightly changed CCX series to meet safety and emissions requirements in the United States. Like the CCR series, the CCX series also only produced 14 units only for 5 years. The change makes the top speed CCX estimated to reach 394.3 km / hour.

7. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo (399.1 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 6

Not many US production cars are listed as the fastest vehicle in the world. One that is able to penetrate the list of the fastest cars in the world is Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo.

First released in 2003, Saleen S7 has a 7,000cc V-8 engine made by Ford. This machine is exactly the same that is used in the NASCAR race series. Several years later Saleen S7 began targeting Bugatti Veyron’s record by adding Twin-Turbo.

However, the power generated is not strong enough to pass the 400 km / hour. Saleen S7 is only able to reach 399.1 km / hour only.

8. McLaren F1 (386.2 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 7

When first introduced to the public in 1992, McLaren F1 has been able to reach speeds of 371.8 km / hour. Furthermore, the speed of this British car manufacturer continues to grow until it can reach 386.2 km / hour thanks to a number of improvements.

The record is still able to make McLaren F1 in the list of 10 big fastest cars in the world. Even this record lasted for more than 15 years after the last unit came out of the assembly plant.

Not only speed, McLaren F1 has a unique steering wheel design. Adopting the driver’s position in Formula 1 racing, the driver of this car is in the middle. By using BMW 6.1 V-12 engine, McLaren F1 became one of the favorite lovers of super cars.

9. Zenvo ST1 (375 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 8

Denmark is known as the birthplace of children’s toys LEGO. But this time they did not make “toys” for the kids. But what is made is a high-speed sports car.

Zenvo ST1 equipped with 7000 cc V-8 engine capable of producing 1250 horsepower. With these engines, rear-wheel drive car is capable of racing up to 375 km / hr.

The only flaw that this car has is a complicated repair process. In addition to expensive spare part prices, for more in-depth improvement this car can only be repaired in his home country.

10. Pagani Huayra (370 km / h)

10 Fastest Cars in World 9

Large-powered car that can spur speeds up to hundreds of kilometers per hour this time comes from Italy. One feature of this car is very light because it uses carbon fiber material. Pagani Huayra becomes a small sports car that uses a strong but lightweight material.

The creator, Horacio Pagani previously worked for Lamborghini in the material production department. For the engine use Mercedes Benz 6000 cc V-12 plus Twin-Turbo. Pagani Huayra can be driven at speeds up to 370 km / h. This entry was obtained during the test on the television show “Top Gear”.

All the world’s fastest cars grab their notes in an arena or place that is safe. In fact, for cars that is mass produced and used on public roads would be difficult to reach top speed.

Moreover, there will be rules of speed limitation if you want to try to speeding on public roads. Therefore, the owners of these sports cars usually have a schedule to rent the circuit to feel the maximum satisfaction of their car.