10 Diseases Caused By Frequently Holding Urine Too Long

Defecating or defecating is an activity to throw away the ‘rubbish’ that is in your body which is certainly important for health. From this understanding, we can conclude, that the rest of the disposal in this body if you hold it will result in bad things for your body.

10 Diseases Caused By Frequently Holding Urine Too Long 1

Urination should not be delayed, because it will adversely affect health. Then, what is the danger of frequent urination? In order for you to be aware of not holding urine again, please read the 10 diseases or problems that you will face if you keep urinating too long below:

1. Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is a disease that you will receive if too long holding pee. The disease is caused from bacteria that are cached on the urethra.

This will make you want to continue to urinate, but you will also feel the pain on the part of the urethra. Peeing can help dispose of bacteria, so if you hold it then the bacteria will gather and breed.

2. The bladder Swells

Much drink is mandatory you do because it can cleanse the kidneys by way of drinking and then pee. Generally bladder can hold up to 15 ounces of fluid, and the fluid you consume of 64 ounces.

It is already past the bladder capacity. Therefore, you need to remove it so that the bladder is not swell and stay at normal conditions.

3. The bladder more sensitive

If you often hold urine, eating the bladder becomes more sensitive. This results from the expansion of the bladder because it holds too much urine. The bladder becomes more sensitive, so you will more often want to urinate than usual. In addition, this is also a symptom of a urinary tract infection.

4. Bladder infection

This bladder infection occurs due to bacteria that accumulate and multiply because you often hold your pee. This can be more severe when the bacteria began to spread to the kidneys. A bladder infection is more easily attack the women, because the urethra is shorter and channels near the anus.

5. The bladder Burst

Result of too often resist peeing on this one sounds really creepy, but this is true it is. Although very rare, but nonetheless we cannot never hold your pee. If the bladder burst, the urine will fill the abdomen and you need to do a surgery to cure it.

6. Urinate Dysfunction

Dysfunction urinating or better known as Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms is the problem caused by bladder urethra coordination does not run normally. This cause some things such as bed wetting, peeing is not to your satisfaction, and quality of sex decreased.

7. Interstitial Cystitis

This chronic condition occurs due to a bacterial infection which causes inflammation of the bladder. Interstitial Cystitis resulting in pain in the bladder and chronic pain in the pelvis, as well as more frequent urination than usual, but the Pee will not completely.

IC symptoms are the same as urinary tract infections, but there are no infections. This will worsen the condition if there is a urinary tract infection. Even interstitial cystitis cannot be cured with medication; it can only be treated with therapy and biofeedback.

8. No Longer is able to Withstand

The danger of too often resist peeing on this one usually happens in people who are already aged. Often hold their pee would result in frequent bedwetting or urinating on a moment’s notice, because it can’t hold anymore.

9. Kidney stones

The most common kidney stones are known to people as a result of frequent urination. If you often resist urination, there will be hard deposits formed from minerals and acid salts, this formation are called nephrolithiasis.

These deposits should be routine you eject through the urine. If not, you will feel a tremendous pain when you want to remove the stones through the urinary tract.

10. Kidney Failure

Often hold the piss indeed not directly lead to you failing kidneys because often when you hold your pee, bladder is infected they differed with the position of the kidneys. However, if the bladder is infected, it will often result in kidney failure.

Do you want to contract diseases caused by too often holding back the urination described above? All kinds of diseases will only torment you; you better start living healthier from now on.