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A Few Reasons Why You Need To Have Insurance

A Few Reasons Why You Need To Have Insurance
Insurance is an agreement in which the insurance company is willing to bear the losses experienced by the customer if there is something like death, accident, or fell ill. As the condition is you have to pay a premium in advance.

Basically the insurance benefits are as a safety in the future. In addition, there are still many other insurance benefits. Unfortunately, many people don't have insurance for a variety of reasons, among them do not understand, and not interested, to less understand the benefits of insurance. Therefore, this time we will Peel more about profits and insurance benefits include:

1. Sense of security

The most basic insurance benefits is give you a sense of security. When it is registered in the accident insurance, death, or health, you will feel more secure when unwanted events occur. Why? Because you do not have to think of how to bear the losses or payment required. All of which will be borne by the insurance company.

2. The efficiency of the Funds

Each family or individual should already have unexpected funds for use in times of emergency. Post those funds may be divided again, the start of an unexpected health funds, the unpredictable funding education, funding unexpected deaths or accidents, and others.

The function of Insurance in times like this is to be a reserve for unexpected funds like that. By registering with insurance, you do not need to hassle set up money flow entry-exit on the post unexpected funds. Everything is set up by the insurance company.

3. Old age Savings

Many who do not understand if insurance benefits could also be as savings. On some certain life insurance products, if death has not occurred, the funds will be returned to the customer after reaching the year agreed. The customer can also request a refund in accordance with the agreements that have been made.

The amount of funding to be returned is usually greater than the premiums paid. This can be used as a day of savings or retirement savings, so you do not have to rely on the children or large families.

4. Give Protection

Other insurance benefits are to give protection for the customer. The insurance company will either embrace or assist the customer in case of an accident, in order to be protected from a wide range of customer losses that may occur.

5. Help for families

If something happens to you suddenly, such as falling ill or death, while your family does not have any financial preparation to deal with it, what will happen? Most likely they will feel confused, especially if you act as a source of family income.

This is the time when insurance benefits are needed. By having insurance, this doesn't need to happen. The purpose of insurance is to ensure that the wife or children still have a source of funds to survive if the family's backbone experiences a disaster.

6. Guarantee of salary

A good business entity must have insurance. The insurance function of a business entity is to guarantee the company's finances if at any time the company is experiencing financial or bankruptcy problems. That way, employees will still get their rights, namely salaries for their work. How, is the company where you work is guaranteed by insurance?

7. Loans to banks more easily

Banks usually provide many prerequisites before customers can apply for a loan. If you are known to be registered in insurance, the bank will usually be easier to allow you to apply for a loan with insurance as collateral.

Those are some reasons why you are required to have insurance. In addition to the above mentioned, there are still many other insurance benefits that will benefit not only you as a customer, but also your family and people closest to you. How, are you getting interested in having insurance?

Know the 7 Types of Sensors Smartphone and Its Function

Know the 7 Types of Sensors Smartphone and Its Function
The current Smartphone has become one of the most important items. We always count on this gadget to communicate, find information on the internet, access the social media, to meet the needs of multimedia.

In operation, you know that the Smartphone is equipped with different sensors? Surely you familiar with terms such as proximity sensor, accelerator, gyroscope, and so on. Well, actually what is the function of the sensor-the sensor? To find out more details, check out the discussion here.

The proximity sensor in the Smartphone works to protect the touch screen from accidental touch. This is very useful when you are calling on the phone. To avoid touch when the phone is attached to your ear, this sensor will turn off the touch screen function.

Proximity sensors are usually located at the top, next to the front camera and earpiece. Proximity sensor itself is not only used in smart phones, but also in devices for the automotive, medical, military, and other buildings.

Accelerator Sensor Function

Accelerator sensor is one of the most important sensors in smart phones. This serves as a sensor detection utilizing motion axis movement of taste, so it can measure how many steps you have traveled even though you do not use the smart watch or separate sports gadgets.

The other is the accelerator sensor function measures the speed, so that it can be known how fast you walk in a vehicle at this time. In addition, the accelerator also helped to revamp the phone display screen from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

Gyroscope Sensor Function

Gyroscope sensor support accelerator is to know with certainty the orientation of the phone's position. This sensor will be very useful when you use them in playing racing games e.g., to turn right or left by moving the device.

Smartphone sensor capable of measuring magnetic field magnetometer and indicates in which direction the Earth's North Pole by measuring the voltage coming out of a cell phone. Navigation applications like Google Maps or Apple Maps will not work perfectly without sensors embedded magnetometer.

You can also make the metal detector as a Smartphone with additional applications, because the sensor is usually also pinned on the metal detector. In addition, the sensor is also important to determine the direction of the Qibla.

GPS Functions

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a Smartphone sensor sends a signal on a satellite in space to find out where your current position in real time. It is useful to support transportation applications online or determine the shipping address in more detail.

The Function of the Sensor Is a Barometer

Barometer sensor serves to measure the air pressure, from predicting weather changes, to calculate altitude. The sensor is extremely important role in supporting the weather forecasts on Smartphone.

Ambient Light Sensor Function

Don't be surprised if the Smartphone screen can automatically adjust the brightness with the situation room. This is possible thanks to the presence of an ambient light sensor. This sensor is credited to allow smart phones add brightness or Dim the screen in accordance with the light conditions in the environment you are located.

He functions of the sensor that is on the phone with you. All sensors that have a significant role are a very useful instead? Some sensors above also usually pinned on the smart watch, because the workings of the two devices are almost the same and support each other.

5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try

5 Tomb Raider Games on Android that You Must Try
Tomb Raider is one of the games that accompany the evolution of 3D graphics technology on consoles and PCs. What keeps it distinctive from the beginning until now is the female protagonist who is versatile, resilient, also skillful and intelligent in solving ancient relic puzzles that usually exist in the row of Tomb Raider games.

In addition to be enjoyed on the console, there are several series of Tomb Raider games that you can also enjoy on Android Smartphone’s. The evolution of graphics processors that can now be embedded in the hands now can make it easier for you to play Tomb Raider games anywhere.

For you fans of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft, here we summarize the 5 best Tomb Raider games on Android that you must try.

1. Lara Croft: Guardian of Light - Intuitive controls, with 3D graphics console class

Lara Croft Game: Guardian of Light set in a place in the Central American rainforest, where Lara Croft is in the midst of an adventure looking for an ancient artifact of relics of a past civilization named Mirror of Smoke. In the Guardian of Light story, anyone with a Mirror of Smoke can control the future of all human beings in hand. As always, in order to avoid the possibility of the destruction of the world, Lara Croft went to defeat Xolotl's "God of Darkness" who mastered these artifacts.

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light presents a game perspective with fixed angle cameras that recall the classic Resident Evil game series, typical with dramatic camera spotlight.

2. Tomb Raider I - Nostalgia with Lara Croft PS1 version

Tomb Raider I will take you to the nostalgic path with graphic elements with low-grade polygons and minimal detail, typical of the PS1. This is where the beginning of all the popularity of Lara Croft at the beginning of its appearance, the video game market is dominated by male protagonist characters.

The game you can get on Play Store fully supports Bluetooth controller. With the third person shooter perspective, control Lara Croft's character to uncover the secrets of the city of Atlantis and the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids.

3. Tomb Raider II - Successor Tomb Raider I

Tomb Raider II which was originally released in 1997, now you can enjoy back via Android Smartphone. Lara Croft returns to a challenging adventure, this time to find Dagger of Xian who has dragon powers. However, Lara Croft is not the only one looking for Dagger of Xian in the Tomb Raider II game, here is your job to control Lara Croft and secure Dagger of Xian in a challenging and adventurous stage.

Like Tomb Raider I Android version, this game also supports wireless controllers such as Xiaomi Mi Controller, MOGA, IPEGA, and others.

4. Lara Croft GO - puzzle game with isometric graphics

Lara Croft GO was awarded The Game Awards (TGA) in 2015 thanks to an innovative game, combining minimalist isometric graphics with unique puzzles. This 15 thousand-dollar game is similar to Hitman GO, adopting a turn-based turn-around game system, which you must complete the level with as few steps as possible.

5. Lara Croft: Relic Run - Temple Run version of Tomb Raider

This game is for casual game players, because the game pattern is "borrowed" Temple Run, with the uniqueness of a linear level with the protagonist who runs in a straight line. In this game you must avoid the various obstacles from dangerous ancient buildings while collecting points.

That's the last 5 games Tomb Raider on Android that you can try, both of which claimed fans of Tomb Raider and casual gamers.

Discover the Benefits of Dragon Fruit That Is Rich in Nutrients

Discover the Benefits of Dragon Fruit That Is Rich in Nutrients
If you are looking for fruit that tastes sweet, make full and not gain weight, then the Dragon fruit can be the right choice. Moreover, the benefits of Dragon fruit very much, including low in calories and contain a lot of fiber

Dragon fruit comes from Mexico and Central America. However, this time the fruit has been found in Asia, including Indonesia. His skin was pink and pretty thick. There are three types of Dragon fruit based on the color of the flesh, namely red, white, and yellow. Most types of the fruit's flesh are white.

When opened, the texture of the flesh Dragon fruit resembling a kiwi fruit, with black spots that are the seeds. The flesh of the fruit and seeds can be consumed directly simultaneously. Dragon fruit flavor also clash between kiwi and pear.

In Dragon fruit weighing 100 grams contained about 1.1 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fat. In 100 grams of the fruit also contains 14 grams of simple carbohydrates are composed of glucose and fructose. In 100 grams of this fruit also contained 3 grams of fiber if consumed on a regular basis can help work the digestive tract and prevent constipation. Other nutrients namely vitamins C already meet the 34% of the daily requirement of iron, 10.6% of the daily requirement, thiamin 2.7% of the daily requirement, and riboflavin as much as 2.9% of the daily requirement.

The fruit contains antioxidants and can lower cholesterol and contains several types of antioxidants. It is important to add the benefits of Dragon fruit in the fight against free radicals, so as inhibit premature aging as well as preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases.

These antioxidant substances, among others, batalain or red pigments in fruits contain antioxidants, namely likopen is believed to be able to prevent prostate cancer. Flavonoids, namely the main antioxidant group which is improving the health of the brain. It also adds the benefits of Dragon fruit in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Dragon fruit contain essential fatty acids. The human body requires fatty acids, but can not be produced on its own. In addition to the essential fatty acids, fruits also contain oleic fatty acids. This type of fatty acids can lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.

Given the countless benefits of Dragon fruit, it would be very nice if you can consume on a regular basis. You can eat directly or offer it along with another type of food to be delicious dishes.

Tips for Choosing a Credit Card That Suits Your Lifestyle and Needs

Tips for Choosing a Credit Card That Suits Your Lifestyle and Needs
You surely have heard of a method of payment using a credit card, isn't it? The presence of credit card not only facilitate cashless payments become more, but can also allow you to make transactions even though it does not yet have enough money to purchase the item. Yet, credit cards often come with a variety of promos so that shopping activity more interesting. However, the use of can-can make you trouble paying off credit cards.

However, it's not that credit cards are the things that should be avoided? Come on; check out some tips for choosing a suitable first credit card for you:

1. Choose a Bank that is easy in terms of Requirements

Usually one of the terms of the submission of a credit card is a credit card copy others. Well, for those of you who don't have a credit card of course this will be difficult. This is the kind of thing that can make us back off when wanting to file a credit card, but don't give up just yet, there are still other credit card issuer bank which does not ask for photocopies of old credit cards as one of the terms. Therefore, you should be able to sort out the credit card issuing bank that could provide ease in filing the application.

2. Select which offers free annual dues.

You can see the promo anything they have to offer. Generally, to lure the hearts of potential borrowers, a new bank credit card issuer will offer some direct gifts and also a free annual dues (annual fee) in the first year. You should also be looking closely at how with annual dues will be billed in year two and beyond, make sure if there is a promo for the abolition of annual dues as well.

Usually the program for elimination of annual dues already exist with a variety of options that can be performed by its customers, as do the program three times for purchases, do certain nominal with spending in a given period, and still a lot of other programs that you can follow to abolish the annual dues.

3. Locate the tribe of interest rates are low

There is a maximum limit on the grant of interest rates for purchases on a credit card that has been set by the Government namely 2.95% per month. But, that occur in the field there are still many credit card issuing bank that dared to lower interest rates.

This is an advantage for you that just want to have a credit card, because by having a credit card with a low interest rate will benefit if you forget to make a payment or else shopped too much by credit card First you.

4. Select the credit card limit for small

For those of you who just have the first credit card, you better choose from the low ceiling, so you will be able to learn and easier to manage your usage, spending and payment of your first credit card. As a result you will not fall into uncontrolled credit card debt.

Try to imagine if the limit given is large from the beginning and the entire limit is almost used up for spending. Surely you will be surprised to see the total bill and imagine how to pay it.

5. Adjust to the lifestyle

Each person has a different lifestyle. Then try when choosing a credit card first, you ask first to yourself, whether you want the credit card submitted will be in accordance with the requirements or the pattern of your life?

Each credit card issuing bank has their respective promos, and there are those who offer greater promos to make purchases. So, be sure to choose a credit card with a limit and a promo that suits your lifestyle, so that it is more fitting, economical, and you can also shop with satisfaction without worrying about paying it at the end of the month.

Well, before submitting a credit card, you might consider some of the tips above to be able to feel the benefits of a credit card that will be owned. Don't forget to choose a credit card to suit your needs so you don't have to worry about when the end of the month later. Whether you are interested in having a credit card? Come on, immediately select and submit the credit card that best fits you needs.

The Advantages of Mutual Fund Investments Compared to Gold Investment

The Advantages of Mutual Fund Investments Compared to Gold Investment
Gold lot serves as one of the most popular financial investments because of the easily obtained and easily is also for sale, with the value of the investment is profitable enough. But, do you know that mutual funds also provide security and profit even various other advantages that you can get for your investments in the long term?

Advantages of mutual funds than of gold including:

1. Return greater than gold

In any investment you do, will always expect the highest return can be obtained from the instrument was purchased. You can get this in mutual funds; because of the given investment return is much higher than gold bullion.

Moreover, during the last 5 years this, return brings greater bonds when compared to the return of gold bullion. Therefore, the return obtained gold tends to be stagnant or in decline, while the return obtained from bond mutual funds increasingly have elevated so that it becomes the superiority of mutual funds.

2. The minimum amount of investment is smaller

To invest in gold, you need funding of about $35; it is not included with rental fees for its storage place. Therefore, the advantages of mutual funds you can feel because you can even invest with funds amounting to $7, where you can also do this transaction with easy online.

3. Risk Missing

You certainly know that various physical goods have a higher risk of losing, including gold. Therefore, you must have good anticipation in maintaining its security at all times. While mutual funds do not have a physical form, so you don't have to worry about losing this investment.

All related assets in mutual funds, either interest or dividends, will be managed and stored by the custodian bank. You also need not be confused with the issue of security and also other things, related to the investment in the form of the mutual funds so that this becomes the superiority of mutual funds.

4. The risk of Counterfeiting is smaller

Gold also higher risk because it always has a risk of counterfeiting, whether purchased in the form of jewelry or in the form of bullion. But, the risk is almost not found in mutual funds, because this investment has no physical form and did not experience the shift of the hand at all.

Well, the advantages of mutual funds in this case i.e. the process of buying and selling mutual funds performed in script less (no certificate), so the risk of forgery is smaller or evens no risk at all.

5. Easy to Manage Investments

Mutual funds are not complicated and difficult because of all the activity in mutual fund investments will be managed directly by the professional investment managers and experts in their field. You do not need to be struggled to read the market or even analyze a variety of changes that occur within it.

But, if you invest in gold, then at least you should have expertise in conducting an analysis of the existing market, for all investment decisions will be taken by your own.

Well, with the various advantages of mutual funds above, from now on you can use mutual funds for long-term investments. This guaranteed mutual fund is more secure and reliable as well as returns you may be more at a later date. With a low risk, you also don't need to worry about losing and certainly more practical through online. Are you already interested in using investments with mutual funds? Happy investing!

9 Countries with the Best Digital Payment and Money Systems

9 Countries with the Best Digital Payment and Money Systems
Various methods of payment other than physical money such as digital money or e-wallet as well as e-money is now increasingly popular. In a world that is practical and versatile, this modern, society prefers to use the cashless payment method or without money.

Many developed countries already running system of digital money. Here are 9 countries with digital payment system or the best digital money:

1. United States

Electronic payments has become increasingly popular in recent years with the launch of Apple's "Wallet", namely electronic clock can pay by "cashless" along with Microsoft and other technology companies.

American Express CEO Ken Chennault said that will be more and more peopling in America who is "cashless" and only carry the cards. Even the ATM could be extinct in the next few years. The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 80%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 72%.

2. Canada

Starting from the beginning of 2013, Canada stopped distributing coins that could save the country's expenditure of 11 million Canadian dollars per year. 90% of the Canadian population chooses to make non-cash transactions and 70% of these payments are made using a credit card.

A survey conducted by PayPal Canada proves that 56% of the population in Canada chooses to use the online wallet or money on digital use of physical cash. The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 90%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 88%.

3. United Kingdom

City buses in the UK have stopped accepting physical money as payment. Only 1% of Londoners used money in 2014 compared to 25% in 2000. Non-cash payments are expected to replace cash payments from consumers in the next few years.

The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 89%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 88%.

4. France

France has begun to follow the trend of "cashless society" by not allowing transactions of more than 3000 Euros. The populations of adults who have 79% have a bank account. The French government has also presented a mobile payment solution, non-cash card and m-Pos to support the transaction needs of French citizens.

The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 92%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 69%.

5. Belgium

Like France, Belgium has also paid cash payments of up to 3,000 Euros and those who violate this will be fined up to 225,000 Euros. 93% of the population has run cashless transactions or non-cash transactions in Belgium with 86% of the population having a debit card.

Here, the application of Smartphone named six dots used for transactions supported by banks in Belgium. This system will support digital payment in Belgium to continue to grow. The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 93%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 86%.

6. Sweden

Sweden is one of the countries where cash transactions begin to decline 3% in the national economy. From public transportation to church donations can now be paid with online banking or credit cards and debit cards.

This makes the bank theft in Sweden fell from 110 in 2008 to 16 in 2011 because almost all banks in Sweden already does not provide physical money again. The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 89%. Percentage of population with debit cards: 96%.

7. The Netherlands

If you are going to pay a visit to the Netherlands, you must bring the credit card or debit card because of small things like pay for parking alone is not received with a cash payment. Some of the shops and places to eat in the Netherlands also do not accept cash payments. Communities in the Netherlands already understand and accept the existence of a rule of "no-cash rules".

Since the project "National Hotshot" built in the beginning of the year 2012 by Foundation for Promoting Efficient Payments (SBEB), the number of non-cash transactions in the Netherlands supermarkets also increased. This project aims to improve the security and comfort of non-cash transactions.

The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 85%. Percentage of population with debit cards: 98%.

8. Germany

Starting from the year 2012, the seller in Germany requires only iPhone, EMV chip reader (which is connected to a mobile phone) to receive payment from the credit card and debit card using technology from a company based in Pay works Munich.

It is heading to the society in Germany to be a "cashless society" in the years ahead. The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 76%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 88%.

9. Australia

"No Cash trends November" launched by bilioner Australia Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest is being "hype" in Australia. The transition from using the cash to "cash-free" lifestyle is already underway in Australia.

The digital economy is the focus of country Australia issued a policy of Australia's Digital Economy: Future Direction under the Department of Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy for developing industry economy Digital

The number of digital transactions in Australia increased due to these policies and can be seen from 58 million more transactions Visa Wave in July 2015 and no signs of the presence of digital transactions decreased in the years ahead.

The share of non-cash payments, the total value of payments by consumers: 86%. Percentage of population with a debit card: 79%.

In addition to the nine countries mentioned above, there are still many other countries such as South Korea, Kenya and Somalia who have been thriving in the digital payment that led to the "cashless society".

How to Manage Household Finances Easily and Practically

How to Manage Household Finances Easily and Practically
Financial problems do play a large role in a household. So, set up household finances is very important for the sake of the survival of the household. Such as driving a car or playing an instrument, arrange finance is something to be learned from time to time. Here we will review the simple steps to start to organize the household finances. Come on, refer to the steps:

1. Set goals

To achieve something we certainly need to set goals, as well as in organizing household finances. The top priority in regulating finance is a life free from worries over finances. Therefore you should know what's important to you and your family. For example, if you are interested in opening a business, then keep a commitment to save to try to submit the loan as a destination.

2. Identify the amount of income and expenditure of families

After setting a goal, now is the time to find out from any further financial expenditure and income of the household. You may know from where the money belongs to you come, but sometimes still are unsure to which such expenditure was used.

Therefore you need to record family expenses, ranging from small things such as transportation costs, monthly shopping, to credit card statements and shopping receipts. By recording household financial activities, you will find it easier to find out if there are family expenses that are considered less necessary later.

3. Separate between wants and needs

After taking down a track record of financial expenditure of the household, you may have noticed that there are quite a few unnecessary expenses. Therefore, separate the wants and needs is key in regulating finance.

If not sure of anything is the need or desire, try to re-enact the lapse of some time without material things, and if your daily activities interrupted without material things that can be a necessity. This does not mean you should not spend money to a desire, but this point emphasizes to better prioritize requirements.

4. Set a budget

Life in the sphere of budget living does not mean limited. Set a budget, will make sure you live up to capabilities. In regulating finance, household budget could be a guide for achieving your financial goals. To design budget, make sure that the expenditure does not exceed the income, and set aside some money for unexpected moments. Effective budget will prevent you from over-spending and will be so important in regulating the financial assets of households.

5. Schedule a day to pay bills

After the budget was set, don't let the Bills pile up destroying everything. Know any date how the bills arrive and schedule a full day to arrange payment.  To help minimize this, surely it would be easier if you already have a credit card that will help any bill payment date pursing households. In addition, the household spending can also be controlled through a credit card belonging to the limit.

While living within a budget, it's easy to fall for the lure of the materialist and buy stuff that really isn't necessary. Therefore, make grocery list to make financial arrangements household run more smoothly. When shopping, take your grocery list and you should only spend money to buy the goods on that list. With this, you will not lose track and still live up to capabilities.

6. Set seasonal spending

Daily spending is already recorded, then what next? Estimate your expenditure is also seasonal. Seasonal spending is spending that could occur at any time, or simply occur several times within a certain period.

Some examples include car repair fees, vacation fees, and veterinary fees. These things do not happen as regularly as transportation costs or monthly shopping, but they are also worth considering. Set your seasonal expenses to prevent sudden spending when the time comes.

With the tips above, surely you already understand how to manage household finances, right? Organize your finances will benefit you in the long run family and master this skill will also create a more prosperous future. So, let's create a better option and set the finances of households starting from today.
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